Регистратор данных TopMessage

Регистратор данных TopMessage

TopMessage is designed as a rail mounted device. Signals are connected via clamps. Message devices can be easily integrated into existing company networks via its Ethernet interface. This means anybody within the network can have access to measurement data using their existing PCs.

Delphin's modular Message devices enables the acquisition of any physical values (e.g. temperatures, pressures, flows, vibration data). Measurement values are stored in the devices already scaled and lineated (e.g. bar, liter/sec, m/min, °C etc.). The scaling of thermocouples and RTD sensors are pre-configured.


A device comprises of 1 or 2 I/O modules which can be combined in any way required. Extension devices can be connected to the basic device, each also having 2 I/O modules. This means Message devices are suitable for both small and large applications. Each analog input can be separately connected with RTD, thermocouple, volt or 20 mA signals. Expensive measuring transducers are no longer required and potential isolation means there is no need for isolating amplifiers. All I/O module analog inputs are set up as differential inputs.

High level measurement precision with 24 bit resolution ensures accurate data acquisition. Message devices can function independently due to its internal data storage capability of up to 1GB.

External devices (e.g. weighing machines, modems, large displays) can be connected to Message devices via serial ports. Communication is via Modbus (LAN). Communication via Profibus DP is also available.

Configuration of TopMessage takes place via the user friendly "Bus manager" PC software. Configuration data is transmitted to the device and securely stored there. Configuration data can be amended and adapted during operational run time.

Typical applications for TopMessage devices are the acquisition of measurement and process data, as a data logger for universal measurement values, remote monitoring of decentralized plant and machinery, test bench automation, vibration monitoring of shafts and bearings and factory data acquisition.



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